by Uboa

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released October 1, 2013

X - voice, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, sawblades, power drill, metal barrels, scrap metal chimes
GW - violin (3, 4), percussion (3,4) vocals (3), graphics
T - voice (3), photography
TV - voice (3), graphics

recorded 2011-13

thanks to: you




Uboa Australia

Solo experimental music/noise project formed in 2010. ⚧ ☭ contact: uboatheflesh (at) gmail (dot) com

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Track Name: Sakura
i hope you feel better
i hope you had as much fun dying
as i did killing you

they are wrong when they say
omniscience is impossible
god's eye view is best seen
with a plastic bag tied over your head
Track Name: Hair, Skin, Nails
i saw you down by the docks drowning birds
you had looked after them for so long
you stuffed their corpses into garbage bags
you said you were going to feed the homeless
a fetid sack of stem-cells
thrown pulsating into the world
paraded by a thousand tiny dwarfs
adorned with little barbed wire hats
the sound of ten thousand boots marching
a drunken chorale of racial purity
don't worry, they'll make sure
the trains always run on time
hair, skin, nails, veins,
bile, semen, ovum, womb,
rectum, teeth, vagina, anus,
colon, phallus, eye, lymph node,
spine, heart, brain and no body
you are god
you are cold
i am god
i am cold
Track Name: I Will Choke You Until You Like It
i’ve seen the great towers crumble
and the washed-up bodies rot
i’ve been to the houses
where they cut the children
and they had all their blood drained out
i’ve heard the cries they make when you cut them
and how little is left when they’re done
i was bored so i had hell reenacted
i’ve made plans
and i’ve put them in action

a need to repudiate
a compulsion to repeat
repeat, repeat the same mistakes
eventually, we’ll succeed
death drive over a cliff
down into the sea
with me

i’ve seen fecund cancers spread
from lung to heart to head to toe
i’ve heard the suburbs go ricin quiet
and strange white masses swarm
i’ve heard prophets whisper hate
and featureless flesh attempt to crawl
i’ve seen the poor eat medical waste
and the rich not eat at all

i’ll choke you until you like it
and i’ll like it too
we’ll make art out of violence
and the medium is you

just back to haunt me
Track Name: Become Meat
they feed us to ourselves
fattened like battery hens
milked like cattle
in a soundproofed rusty shed
where it’s bright all the time
like eternal daylight
no sleep not ever
we’ll be here forever
at least until we become meat
yes you
sitting in your own shit
a prison as big as the earth
with cells where you can't stand up
at least when they find us
we'll be contorted beautifully
and we’ll taste great too
bones turn into chalk
eyes melted into fluid
skin peeled off
ligaments turned into glue
yes you
i’ll drill out your brains
and let the leprechauns out

i hope you are
falling apart
without me
about me
i hope you all
rot slowly
and hopefully
become meat

I thought I had
killed you off
but you’ve come back
to haunt me
I can’t live
while you’re alive
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
Track Name: I Am Taking All Of You With Me
i'm an extra in my own life
and i'm tired of being tired
and of washing the same fucking clothes
or sleeping in the same bed
breathing in my own skin
i haven't moved for weeks
cramming sleep in little jars
and place them on a dusty shelf
i'll need them later

i don’t want to wait forever
for things to get better than today
i just want to sleep forever
life is just procrastinating death

if hating yourself got money
i’d be filthy rich
i haven't moved in years
got nowhere to be
the sun goes down
just as i get up
the sun is useless
when you have a monitor
i'll build a machine
that can kill the sun
and etch "don't bother" on the moon
nuclear bombs stuffed with valium
missiles full of bad poetry
machine guns spraying sleep in every direction
i am taking all of you with me

i don’t want to wait forever
for things to get better than today
i just want to sleep forever
life is just procrastinating death

i am taking all of you with me
Track Name: Jouissance
we’ll be together now
rotting from the same disease
guilty of the same crimes
wasting the same years
the sky keeps screaming cancer
and the moon falls to earth
the stars go out one by one
and you too, my collapsing sun
lets be young forever
and get drunk on piss and tears
our bodies will grow denser
time stretches infinitely
speak a made up language
cut yourself a new face
grow yourself some new limbs
or take them away
replace all your blood
with cleaning chemicals
tattoo all your regrets
on the back of your skull
i’ll cut and i’ll bleed
until the hospital takes me
i’ll starve and not drink
not until you love me
now is the time to clean
our broken desire machines
a voice reverberating in it’s cell
a voice in love with its echo
scream out all your desires
which belong to somebody else
ask the angels for a brush
to paint your place in hell
Track Name: Avalon
no hell
only here
earth is much worse

we'll climb the highest of mountains
and fist the ass of god
all the cherubim will joyful sing
a bastard satyr song

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