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Dead Time's Broken Arrow

by Uboa & Teeth Dreams

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I will collapse into a fitful sleep & dream of you, sitting my chest pressing a pillow gently to my face. It’s not your fault–– there’s nothing to be done. Accident prone, brittle boned. Elbow shattered at the bottom of the stairs. Picking at the scabs around the incision. The worms beneath my skin & the snakes coiled around my guts hum discordantly. Flowers wilting in the corner, unnameable fruity smell of mould filling the room. Bucket of stagnant water under the kitchen window. Kick it over: earwigs & roaches scatter in all directions. Take me down like a feral dog. Bury me somewhere deeper and darker than that cold April night when the rain lashed the windows… Split from collarbone to floating ribs (bleeding out in our bed). Encircle my body, consume and engorge. * Standing in your yard now. 2am: light pollution haloes round the edges of the houses. Your teeth still visible on my wrists & my breasts. Briefly, life is beautiful.
silence interior as action potentials occlude into beige tingles in fingertips and sclerotic thumbs spinozist substance abuse of expensive chalk in all its accidents of libidinal contortions converted into trappist sloths of inverted pink virtue. transvestic postulants of acephalous bliss dripped by a good ghostly drop of the One. deafened by the sound of drunken ambulances squealing and children glazed in zoonotic bacteria from rolling in the fetid mud of city playgrounds into a mesocyclone of half-remembered Absolutes of benz-fried GABA receptors soundclouds of unknowing. a single word is either a shield or aporia yet oxazepam is always many a shield. anxiolytic negation contra squirming flesh and a forebrain cleansing of neurocapitalist twittering overwhelm finite minds unable to contain the limitless of the celestial. a mindless xanax blind hindbrain halfsleeps bricked by the dementia of the young is the closest mankind has tasted the entropy of heaven. teens castrated knifelessly to become angels pure and sperm-white and biblically accurate with unbrushed hair and mallgoth strap leathers all wings spasming with christ’s forgotten organ swallowing as all light shines none too dimly. valium yields a form of dying best enjoyed in quick fits (cough) or it will be suffered shaking, vomiting and long. yet a transcendent tangle of shredded nerves in a cumulus of divine forgetting, found exclusively in the urinals of raves and the shrunken cortexes of the senile everywhere at the end of money. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for the rich to enter into the kingdom of god yet this bricked pale girl is already there stark naked in its forecourts. - in the name of the father my divine light severed finger from a chemical kenosis claps and twists out in the names of the father my delusional bed of dried lavender makes as much nonsense as a koan in the name of the son he was pulled out of his sex and plunged into the nerves of stars in the real of the holy spirit I become as gentle as grass and spin like a roofied ballerina - empty the sea of the skull like a sun dying out kenosis always chemical


released November 4, 2022

Teeth Dreams (fka vi a.) is violet aisling (teeth-dreams.bandcamp.com)
uboa is xandra metcalfe




Uboa Australia

Solo experimental music/noise project formed in 2010. ⚧ ☭ contact: uboatheflesh (at) gmail (dot) com

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